January 2024

The Wallabi team came to me to create a cohesive and compelling brand identity, including the design of a new logo, typography for marketing and chrome app, color palette, and recommend an illustration style that resonated with the company's storytelling needs. Over six weeks we worked together to uncover what Wallabi looked and sounded like.

see Project

The Identity Design Project seeks to not only establish a consistent and visually appealing brand but also to create a memorable identity that resonates with the target audience. Through careful consideration of each design element, the resulting identity will reflect the trustworthiness and innovation inherent in's AI-powered analytics assistant.

The project consisted of:

Logo Design: Develop a versatile and memorable logo for, with variations to ensure adaptability across diverse platforms and use cases. Variations may include simplified versions for smaller sizes and monochrome versions for different media needs.

Logo Usage Guidelines: Provide comprehensive guidelines for logo usage in different contexts such as social media profiles, Chrome Store, presentations, and print materials. Ensure the logo maintains its integrity and visibility across various backgrounds and dimensions.

Colors, Gradients, and Textures: Define a color palette that reflects's brand personality and aligns with its values.

Typography Recommendations for Website: Find a way to convey trust in AI, balancing nostalgia with futurist thinking that the brand encompasses. Establish guidelines for font sizes, weights, and spacing.

Typography Recommendations for Chrome App: Define a typography system specifically tailored for the Chrome app, considering the limitations and requirements of the platform. Ensure a harmonious integration with the overall brand identity.

Hero Illustration: Create a hero illustration that visually communicates's core features and benefits.

Additional Illustration Recommendations: Suggest additional illustrations that can be used across various marketing materials, presentations, and social media. These illustrations will contribute to the Wallabi storytelling, and coherent brand narrative.

Logo and Illustration Files: Deliver a comprehensive set of logo files in various formats (SVG, PNG, JPG, ICO) and sizes. Provide high-quality versions of all illustrations, along with guidelines for their use in different contexts.

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