Remitly - website redesign

March 2023

Remitly had just updated their branding and needed someone to audit the current website and make edits to the design of the old components to match the new design, as well as suggest new components for their website content and reorganization of content. In addition, I laid the foundation for a new design system using their new brand elements, and adding new features such as updated interactivity and accessibility enhancements (bring it up to WCAG /AA standards), such as dark mode. While each country Remitly's product supports has unique and specific messaging, the basic components need to work to throughout the world. To ensure success user testing was used in not only the flow of the web components but also in their design, down to the fonts.

These new designs are began to roll out this summer across the globe for desktop and mobile devices.

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I began by evaluating the components, and determined what the goal of the information design was, and how it was or was not working. Next I went through capabilities of each component to see if it was still usable (with design alterations) or if we needed to build new components for our needs. This included collaborating with the development team to determine code changes necessary for upgrades to the front end design.

Link to Landing Page Design Evolution

Then I completed UX audit with to evaluate the user flows as well as the design down to the typography, and made changes and re-tested and adjusted new designs if the data warranted the need.

Link to User Testing for Brand Design Evaluation

Lastly I completed designs, and proposed changes to the Brand Director in Marketing and to our Product Owner in Product to get sign-off and put together a development plan.


In addition to the website I also worked on the app store images which are live today across the globe. The below app store images designed for future use.

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