GRIT - Geekend Rebrand

January 2023
the Creative Coast

The Creative Coast came to me with a problem, Geekend wasn’t working for the community in the way it had originally been designed to perform, and part of the reason was the name, "Geekend" is limiting; the name implies a self-identification as a geek, and a propensity for technology. Perceptions that instigated the rebrand included, "Geekend is only for tech people" and “Geekend" implies Weekend.

Because of this identity crisis, no one wants to sponsor the event— they didn't understand what it really is or who it’s for, so we had work to do. The Creative Coast also desired to get back to their mission, and to re-imagine what Geekend would be — a more inclusive event that also provided events throughout the year, not only on one designated weekend — to serve Savannah’s Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Creatives & Makers.

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I led the board through a series of brainstorming sessions with mind-mapping, affinitizing, and writing and over several months. During this invaluable time, we identified central values and themes, which allowed the new brand — GRIT, to emerge. GRIT is Geekend ReInvenTed. Savannah's got GRIT!

GRIT, formerly known as Geekend, is a two-day conference that brings together the brightest minds in technology and innovation and showcases Savannah’s hottest startups, technologists and makers.

From here the visual design work began. I took the tack of reviewing the brainstorming processes and researching more on Savannah. I found historical maps on Library of Congress website, and through exploring the maps I unearthed the cities movement and growth throughout the years. This process helped me to identify textures and shapes I would associate with the word-mark. When deciding what typefaces to add to the system I went back to the mission and vision, and paired the mark with typefaces that evoke sincere authenticity, but remain playful and current.

GRIT is your chance to interact with people taking the tech and creative industries by storm. Go to our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for all the GRIT details and updates.

In winter 2019 we announced that Geekend was now GRIT, and it was widely celebrated.

This past winter, 2023, we had our first official GRIT conference, with the theme "Hidden Gems" as we spotlit our own local business leaders leading the way in Savannah. I led the design for the theme with a hidden typographic message that would become the theme of all the years planning.

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