Acton Savannah

December 2023
Acton Academy, Savannah

Acton Academy Savannah was starting its children's business fair, and came to me for to build the look and feel of this launch year. We decided to meet the range of families living in savannah to take a playful, and varied approach, creating materials that could be intermixed and remixed.

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To begin I tapped into the interests of the children and the parents. The result was two mascots (requested by the children at the Academy) that included a ferocious tiger and Godzilla. The parents wanted to see more scholarly imagery, and illustrations, and I determined to create a plethora of logos that worked together to create history and depth.

Inspired by letterpress and linocut printmaking, and the style of Hatch Show Prints

The brand also utilizes three of my typefaces, FOUNDRY, Joe & Elaine.

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